Your Local News was created to make finding local news more convenient.

Sure, there are services such as Google News but they are not a complete news service, just different skins on their search engines. We want to make a service that feels like your local paper on steroids.

Here, we plan to allow users to customize their feeds.

Soon, we’ll be providing the ability to log in and create a custom news feed based on the user’s area and interests.

Categories will be added. Such as:

  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Education
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Art

Eventually we hope to partner with creators of content such as:

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Sudoku Puzzles
  • Word Searches

Our long term plan is to allow users to post articles about their local area and get paid for it.

Rates will be based on views and ad-revenue generated. The goal of this site is to decentralize and help the news industry evolve with the times; opening opportunities for independent journalists to thrive. If you can write a good article, you can get paid. That’s our objective. Of course all materials will be ran through a system that check for plagiarism in order to prevent stealing of content and encourage journalists to come up with their own materials.

URLocal.News is an RSS aggregation service. We don’t own the rights to most content posted here. If you would like to be filtered out of our feeds, contact us and we will change the filters accordingly. We function under the protection of fair use laws and plan to stand our ground if challenged. With that said, if you are angry that we are linking to YOUR site for FREE, consider this: backlinks are good for SEO, and our bounce rate is around 50% on average. This means that around half of the people who land on our page go to YOUR site.